Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups at Sugar Grove Church are small groups of adults who meet in homes throughout our community during the week for Bible study and discussion. These groups provide a place where you can mature in your relationship with Christ and grow deeper in your relationships with others. Ultimately, you will discover that life happens better in the context of “WE” then the context of “ME”. You can view a list of Connect Groups we have meeting throughout the community below, in order by day of the week they meet. For more information or to join a Connect Group, please let us know by filling out the form below.

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Local Ministry Opportunities

Download the following file to view a list of local service opportunities your connect group can get involved with in our community:

  Download Local Ministry Opportunity PDF List

Connect Groups & When They Meet


Dan & Larisa Ellis
5:00pm, 50688 CR 7, Elkhart

Todd & Stephanie Secor / Corey & Rachael Wagner
5:00pm, 22743 Chestnut Lane, Goshen

Jeff & Michelle Holden
5:30pm, 922 Georgia Road, Goshen

Steven & Julie Lewan / Ryan & Tammy Mishler
6:00pm, 58104 Steiner Dr., Goshen

Dave & Liz Myers
6:30pm, 18487 CR126, Goshen

CJ & Amy Brinks /Jody & Kelli Weldy
 6:30pm, 19781 Hidden Meadow Trail, Goshen

Derreck & Kim Krivanek / Val Bierlein
7:00pm, 23635 Stonegate, Elkhart


Scott & Robin Zimmerman
7:00pm, 604 Caprice Dr., Middlebury

Brett & Erin Baranic / Rick & Lauren Nystrand
 7:00pm, 2441 Tulip Blvd., Goshen

Randy & Sandee Barden
7:00pm, (1st & 3rd Monday of each month), 58686 Sungold Blvd, Goshen


John & Sandy Fischer / Bart & Dawn Templeton
6:30pm, 58397 Broadway Blvd., Elkhart

Dave & Sara Baylis / Ted & Rolonda Graber
6:30pm, 57397 CR 31, Goshen

John & Cathie Ware / Kevin & Laurie Ness
6:30pm, 53194 Monterey, Bristol

Richard & Deborah Behrends
6:30pm, 1621 North Bay Drive, Elkhart



Bill & Barb Yoder / Darrell & Kim Troyer
6:30pm, 23599 Cedar Knoll Circle, Elkhart

Caleb & Heidi Jackson / Shawn & Heather Baker
6:30pm, 23511 Springriver Dr., Elkhart

Josh & Ashley Mojica / Jamin & Amy Garoutte
7:00pm, 25168 Shepherd Hill, Elkhart

Clayton & Kay Bjurstrom / Jim & Chris Stembel
7:00pm, 17517 CR 20, Goshen

Jim & Shannon Baad / Craig & Maggie Yoder
7:00pm, 606 Sunburst Lane, Middlebury


Jim & Karen Hylton
3:00pm, 56698 Arch Court, Elkhart

David & Ginny Vermilyea
6:30pm, 19660 Bluestem Ln., Goshen

Kevin & Brittany Yoder / Jason & Andi Hobbes
6:30pm, 57648 CR 18, Goshen

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