Core Values

Our Core Values

Not many people would travel by boat, plane, train or automobile without a destination in mind.  If a person is going to arrive at a particular destination…they need an “absolute essential” in ensuring their successful arrival.  That essential is a map.  Without it they would get lost or arrive at the wrong place.  With it they enjoy everything that they had planned for their trip.

When it comes to church, not much is different. Proverbs 29:18 (NIV) says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Sugar Grove Church has taken the first step in securing its future by having a destination worth living and dying for.  That destination is reaching out to people and building believers and our Core Values is the map that will get us there.

These Core Values are the driving force of Sugar Grove Church.  They help answer the question, “Why are we doing what we are doing?”  They also answer the questions, “Who are we?” and “What’s most important to us?”  Core Values affect decisions, goals, change, priorities, conflicts, and spending.  They motivate people to meaningful ministry, touch the heart, and stir people to action.

Core Value #1 – Worship Actively

Celebrating the presence of God in our lives should be an important part of every Christians life.  To worship actively we must be willing to deal openly and honestly with God every day of our lives and to ultimately live lives of submission to Him.  At Sugar Grove Church we seek to cultivate an active and intimate relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ.  At Sugar Grove we want to be passionate about honoring God with our lives.

Core Value #2 – Grow Purposefully

We believe that God desires people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  For that reason we are committed to teaching, training, and equipping people to spiritually reproduce themselves in others and to be involved in and committed to a meaningful ministry at Sugar Grove Church.  We know that to be successful we must each be willing to make the growth journey from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.  Sugar Grove Church is committed to equipping people to influence their world for Christ.

Core Value #3 – Serve Sacrificially

Jesus was the perfect example of a sacrificial servant.  Throughout his ministry here on earth He communicated to everyone around him that the practical expression of love is sacrificial service.  At Sugar Grove Church we want to be Jesus to the world around us.  We believe that the church exists to serve as the body of Christ and our desire is to engage our culture through that commitment to serve.  Sugar Grove Church is committed to a ministry where we will seek ways to sacrificially serve each other, our community and our world.

Core Value #4 – Communicate Truthfully

All people matter to God!  It doesn’t matter where you’re from or the color of your skin, God cares for and loves you.  So because you are so important to God, you’re important to us and we want to share with everyone the great truth that God gave us through His Word and through His son, Jesus Christ. Sugar Grove Church is fully committed to communicating the Word of God to all people.

Core Value #5 – Love Passionately

It’s all about relationships!  The relationship we have with God and the relationships we have with each other.  The Bible tells us that we should love God and also love each other.  It’s not an option, we are commanded to do it!  Jesus modeled this love to us through His life here on the earth and through His death on the cross so one of our Core Values is to love God and each other passionately.  Matthew 22:37 says: “Jesus replied, Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Sugar Grove Church is committed to loving God and loving each other in authentic relationships.